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How to see the picture through X-ray glasses?

If you admire the idea of “X-ray glasses” that can miraculously strip away the clothes of any person, then that post is exactly for you. 

Your understanding of generative artificial intelligence

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that can create new content and artifacts, such as images, videos, text, and audio, from simple clues. Unlike previous AI, which was limited to data analysis, generative AI uses deep learning and processes large amounts of information to create high-quality, human-like creative solutions. 

While technology allows for interesting, creative applications, there are concerns about bias, harmful content, and intellectual property. Overall, generative AI has a greater ability to create new content and artifacts in a human-like manner.

The best tool for undressing in 2023

The most attractive representatives of generative AI are tools for nudifying that will be highly used in 2023. The application learned to process photographs using many pictures of naked women on the Internet. So far, artificial intelligence can only complete the drawing of the front part of the body. It has not yet learned how to work with photos from the side or from behind.

In addition to undressing people, the app is trained to determine the age of people in an image. For now, the program works exclusively with female bodies. However, an option for undressing men is planned later. 

The app will refuse to give a result if the person in the photo is under 18 years old; however, the accuracy of this algorithm is unknown, and errors in determining age are possible in both directions. Besides, the generation of megan fox nude leaked is another example of the use of modern technology to create naturalistic fakes, which are called “deep fakes.” 

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